Maria Hermínia Gonçalves



The unique and original effect of the frilleira is traced by the skillful hands of Dona Maria Hermínia.

A laborious technique that she learned at age 12 from her 4th grade teacher and which she became enthusiastic about.

She likes to dedicate herself to this art and appreciates the originality of each work, since, she confesses, sometimes she doesn’t know what will come out of it.

She makes lace, needle quilts and even baby clothes and it gives her pleasure to invent some designs.

She has already taught this technique to family and friends, and she hopes it will be used and passed on so it doesn’t get lost.

From her wise hands, knots and loops come out that give a unique and special effect to each piece.

Rua Marechal Gomes da Costa, Nº 459 5140 – 083 Carrazeda de Anciães



Edifício GAT
Rua Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian,
5370-340 Mirandela


278 201 430 (custo de uma chamada para a rede fixa)