Albertina Camelo

Weaving, ceramic painting


It is with thread (fio) that Albertina Camelo gives shape to “Artes Sem Fim”.

It is the thread that passes through the loom’s web, to the rhythm of the movement, that gives shape to rugs and cloths with colors and patterns that capture our attention.

Albertina Camelo has been embroidering since she was young, but it was around 25 years ago that she learned to weave with her sister. She love it and became more and more a way of life. Today, with the artisanal loom she built, she creates wool rugs and linen or cotton and linen cloths, with patterns that her imagination creates and remain on our mind.

The name of her studio “Artes sem Fim” (unlimited art) also applies because there are several areas of her work. In addition to weaving on a traditional loom, Albertina Camelo embroiders by hand, makes “arraiolos”, creates knitted clothing and paints fabric and ceramics.

It is the knowledge of ceramic painting and weaving that Albertina shares in workshops at Rota Saber Fazer. Come and spark your imagination with “Artes Sem Fim”.

Zona Industrial, Lote 1, 5360-170 Santa Comba da Vilariça



Edifício GAT
Rua Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian,
5370-340 Mirandela


278 201 430 (custo de uma chamada para a rede fixa)