Armando Aníbal Pereira

Musical Instruments Workshop

There is no room for flaws in this craftsman’s work. When it comes to musical instruments, Mr. Armando Aníbal Pereira is a master.

Self-taught, he made his first Portuguese guitar at the age of 14, from a sieve that his mother had in the cellar.

Meanwhile, he perfected the technique, but it was only about 6 years ago that he dedicated himself professionally to this very musical art.

From his skilled hands come Portuguese guitars, cavaquinhos, classical or acoustic guitars, all crafted with extreme dedication, as it is an art that requires great delicacy in its manufacture.

A musician also lives in this craftsman, as he plays several instruments, a little of each, and has even been part of a fado group.

Come learn how to make a cavaquinho and you will see that this craftsman’s talent is revealed in the art of making instruments, but also in music.

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