Jorge Orfão

Metal sculptures

Since Jorge Orfão was a child, he built rolling cars with brakes and padded seats, which stood out from others and revealed his skils for creation and innovation.

He grew up professionally as a metal mechanic and always cultivated a love for working with metal. He developed an aesthetic concept that allows him a very unique approach to the pieces he produces and which characterizes his work: he likes working with old pieces. What deserves the motto: from trash to luxury!

With a unique skill, Jorge Orfão gives new life to forgotten metal pieces. From old pliers pairs are born in sweeping dances, or wrapped in a cozy embrace. Simple nails give shape to a minimalist nativity scene or a last supper… varied and forgotten agricultural tools become the body and soul of stunning sculptures with their own aesthetic sense.

At Rota Saber Fazer Jorge Orfão has workshops where he shares his work, knowledge and passion for metal, come and meet him.

R. Convento 8, 5370-383 Mirandela



Edifício GAT
Rua Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian,
5370-340 Mirandela


278 201 430 (custo de uma chamada para a rede fixa)