Alfândega da Fé

Historical Heritage

Alfândega da Fé a place with many reasons to visit throughout the village. Its historical importance goes back a long way and was confirmed in the 13th century when King D. Dinis awarded it its 1st charter.
Although there is no doubt that Alfandega da Fé had a castle, testimonies of these constructions have not survived to this day, but there are several secular buildings that deserve a visit in Alfandega, where the clock tower stands out, today an ex-libris of the Vila and its municipality, the chronology of construction, as well as the original function of this quadrangular tower of appreciable dimensions, both in area of implantation and in height, are open questions, but it is possible to guarantee that it already existed in the 16th century and have been part of a defensive structure.
The religious heritage and religious architecture also deserves to be highlighted with the Igreja Matriz, Capela de S. Sebastião, Capela dos Ferreiras or Capela da Misericórdia.
On a visit to the village of Alfandega, be sure to stroll through Parque Verde and appreciate the tile panels and the 15 sculptures spread throughout the village, which resulted from 3 Symposiums on sculpture and painting.

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