Ansiães Castle

Carrazeda da Ansiães    Monument classified    Historical Heritage

With a geographic implantation that gives it excellent natural defense conditions, the Castle of Ansiães appears to us with an ancient history, whose beginnings are fixed around the 3rd millennium BC. Since that period, the geomorphological characteristics of the site have greatly contributed to an almost successive occupation of this topography. This vocation for natural defense acquired particular importance during the process of the Christian Reconquest. At that time, Ansiães was granted its first charter, by the Leonese king Fernando Magno. The Centuries XII, XII, XIV and XV, define an exponential period of growth of this walled redoubt. Afonso Henriques in 1160, Sancho I in 1198, Afonso II in 1219 and finally D. Manuel I in 1510 recognized and promulgated charters for the village of Ansiães. At the end of the century XV, and particularly in the Century. In the 16th century, a depressive demographic trend began to affect the area, and in 1527 some villages that made up the municipality already had a population greater than that of Ansiães. In the following centuries, this movement ended up becoming more acute, culminating in the transfer of the town hall to Carrazeda, an act that took place in 1734 due to the fact that a very small number of people lived in the old stronghold. Structurally this archaeosite is divided into two distinct spaces, the castle and the walled town.

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