Historical Heritage
The antiquity of this town is revealed by the name itself, for some Arcas would be a set of megalithic funerary monuments, for others Arcas would be more a place of worship to the god of the same name and its temple would be located more or less in the place occupied today by the temple of the Divine Lord of the Steps. As Cultural Heritage, it has the Solar das Arcas, classified as a property of Public Interest, as well as the Pelourinho de Nozelos, the Main Church of the village of Mogrão, the Parish Church of Nozelos in honor of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, the Fountain, Chapel of the Divine Lord do Cerro, Igreja Matriz das Arcas, and the Caretos das Arcas, emblematic figures of the Feast in honor of Santo Estêvão, which takes place on the 26th of December, to celebrate the cult of bread and fertility. Also part of this tradition is the construction of the “Charolo”, a kind of litter decorated with dozens of bread rolls.

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5370-340 Mirandela


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