Carvalho de Egas

Historical Heritage
Carvalho de Egas, owes its name, according to legend, to the existence of a large oak tree in the shade of which Egas Moniz would have rested.
Its religious heritage includes the Church of Santa Catarina, Baroque, rebuilt in 1722 and the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Rosário, from the late Romanesque style, with a gilded altar from the 17th century. XVII.
Concieiro’s souls, a symbol of religiosity, are a peculiar heritage of this village, being excavated in a large boulder, next to the old Almeida-Chaves military road.
Carvalho de Egas has, in addition to its built heritage, a beautiful natural heritage, which they call the “Fragas dos Mal Casados”. Two boulders resembling two people with their backs to each other and Penedo Macho, a large boulder on a marble slab.

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