Igreja de São Salvador de Ansiães

Religious Heritage Carrazeda Ansiães

The Church of S. Salvador de Ansiães is made up of two bodies: nave and chancel, but its originality resides fundamentally in the “Pantocrator” tympanum of the main portal, whose iconography of “Christ in majesty”, constitutes the most complete example of the Romanesque style. Portuguese. On the same portal, a set of archivolts flanking the tympanum are decorated with scenes from the apostolate. Inside, flanking the main portal, the figure of the lion appears, which here plays an apotropaic role. In the nave of the temple, two side doors are torn open, revealing the one facing north, a weak decorative exuberance, the only element worthy of highlight being the hollow cross that opens in the tympanum. The south-facing door is stylistically richer, with the whitewashed arch and its capitals and imposts featuring geometric decoration.

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