In Mirandela, from the middle of the Old Bridge, with its uneven arches, you can immediately see that Mirandela is a gift from the Tua river and that it embraces the river and derives its beauty and charm from there.
Facing the Palácio dos Távoras, a building in the style of the time – 17th century. XVII – and stroll through the gardens of Parque do Império to see one of the most beautiful works of modern architecture, from the beginning of the second half of the century. XX, the headquarters of the Sport Clube de Mirandela, is the most suitable preparation for the encounter with the olive groves of the past by Terras de Ledra.
Also be sure to visit the Oliveira and Olive Oil Museum, the Armindo Teixeira Lopes Municipal Museum, the Ecoteca and the traditional shops where the famous mirandela smokehouse, of which alheira is queen, vegetables with fruits, cheeses, breads, codfish. , grapes, olives in the form of capers, jams and marmalades, as well as countless other foods.



Edifício GAT
Rua Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian,
5370-340 Mirandela


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