Religious Heritage

In Parambos, you can take a walk through the village with some points to visit, namely Parambos Velho on Rua dos Quinteiros, a bust embedded in the cornice of a house that supports a gutter, a few meters from the so-called Parambos Novo, located in Largo do Choupo, a bust flanked by two pinnacles that top off a fountain with the date of 1927.

Further up, on Rua Dr. António Santos Pinto, there is a manor house with a coat of arms and, continuing up the street, to the northeast, you will find the parish church of S. Bartolomeu, a must-see. Inside, the wooden coffers stand out, covering the false barrel vaulted ceiling of the nave and chancel, where Christian historiographical and hagiographical scenes are represented.

There is also the Sr.ª da Costa Viewpoint next to the N214 road, which leaves Parambos towards Foz-Tua, a place where you can sit and enjoy the landscape in harmony with nature.

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