Historical Heritage

In the parish of Pombal, points of interest include one of the most admirable landscapes in the municipality, where patches of chestnut groves, pine trees, cork oaks and oaks blend with small plots of terraces planted with vines that produce the famous Port Wine.

There are two well-preserved sidewalks, the Calçada de Pombal and the Calçada de São Lourenço. The one in Pombal is located next to the N314-1 road and established the connection between the village of Pombal and the adjacent village of Paradela. The one in São Lourenço connects Pombal de Ansiães to the thermal baths of São Lourenço and the Tua River. This communication route ingeniously follows the geomorphology of the deep valley, giving rise to a route with an interesting aesthetic value, a fact that constitutes one of the most beautiful pedestrian routes in the municipality of Carrazeda de Ansiães.

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