Historical Heritage
Evidence of its remote settlement are the Roman habitats of Cabeço de S. Pedro and Parede Nova, where several ceramic pieces and utensils were found. In this place was also found the statue of a little lamb in bronze that is in the Regional Museum of Bragança.
In terms of heritage, the Church in honor of the patron saint, S. João Batista, stands out, a Baroque church rebuilt at the end of the 19th century. XVIII, with collateral altars from the XVII century, main altar (Johannine) from the XVIII century and the ceiling of the Church with oil-painted boards representing scenes from the life of the apostles.
The chapel of Senhora das Graças, at the entrance to the village, is also worth mentioning. Of Romanesque architecture, it has an elegantly decorated front and window.
The alminhas, patterns of worship of the souls in purgatory, are today considered artistic-religious heritage.

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