Cultural heritage
Salselas has the villages of Valdrez and Limãos. As Cultural Heritage Salselas has the Pauliteiros de Salselas, the Rural Museum of Salselas where some of the more traditional professions are represented, such as basket maker, boilermaker and blacksmith, as well as the way of working with lime and making tile, being able, also, to know the furniture and utensils of the interior of dwellings of other times. Still as Cultural Heritage, it also has the Parish Church of Salselas, the Chapels of Santa Joana and Santo António, the Church of Limãos and Valdrez, the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Piedade, the Chapel of São Sebastião and the Chapel of São Francisco and the Solar de Figueiredo Sarmento in Limões. Heading towards the village of Valdrez, you will pass by the old lime, ceramic and tile kilns, symbols of the industry that once existed.

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