Religious Heritage

Sambade is the largest village in Alfandega, located on the southeastern slope of the Serra de Bornes, with secular importance, where the main church stands out. It is the largest and most important religious building in the municipality, classified as a property of public interest since 1935, but a construction from the end of the 18th century, therefore relatively recent, if we consider that already in the beginning of the 13th century there was another church there, being at the time, 1758, an important Rectory.
In the vicinity of the church in the old Sambade school, is located the CIT – Center for Interpretation of the Territory. Aided by new technologies capable of perpetuating experiences and different ways of life from the past today, this space transports the visitor to wherever he wants, through photographs with image descriptions, various signage, video installations and language panels. Accompanying the figure of the shepherd and everything he represents, the CIT provides visitors with sensory experiences related to elements of pastoralism and nature that make this visit unforgettable!

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