Historical Heritage
Valtorno contains, in itself, some disagreements about his name. There are those who claim that its name has a Latin origin “Turnus” which means around a source of water. Others argue that the name is associated with a medieval tower that would have existed and that would have served, in distant times, to defend the Christian peoples when attacked by the Moors. Pinho Leal says that, as this parish is surrounded by valleys, this could mean “valleys around”.
Valtorno’s heritage is vast and interesting. It includes chapels, fountains and ruins of mills, testimonies of times gone by, we highlight the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Castanheiro – This ancient late Romanesque Church is part of the Sanctuary in the name of Nossa Senhora do Castanheiro who in times gone by supported the pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela . Inside, you can see some tombs built into the wall, in the form of chapels. In the churchyard there was a medieval necropolis. It also has a Gothic image from the 17th century. XIII of Santa Maria do Castanheiro. A highlight is the chestnut tree there, centuries old, where Our Lady appeared.

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