Historical Heritage
Freixiel brings together in one place what best characterizes this whole region: history, religiosity, culture, nature, making it a must-visit peaceful place.
The place has been inhabited since prehistoric times and there are records of its history since 1095, when D. Sancho Fernandes, Prior of the Order of the Hospital, assigned it a Charter, creating the Municipality of Freixiel. From then until the present day, there are several testimonies of an important past in the region that deserve your visit: the manor houses, the pillory, built during the 16th century, which is a property of public interest, the Roman fountain, several examples of the architecture religious, such as the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora do Rosário, the chapels of Santo Cristo, the “Alminhas” or the mother church dedicated to Santa Maria Madalena, the Patroness, rebuilt several times over time, which has images of great quality and a very valuable main altar.
Among all, the Forca de Freixiel stands out, a unique example in the heritage of Trás-os-Montes and in the Iberian Peninsula, memories of a time when the death penalty punished the most serious crimes. It is property of public interest.

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