Vila Flor

Historical Heritage
Legend has it that D. Dinis, when passing through the then “Póvoa d´Além Sabor”, on his way to Miranda in order to meet his bride, Isabel de Aragão, found this place so beautiful and flowery, that the poetically renamed “Vila Flor”, granting it a charter in May 1286.
Its classified heritage includes the Roman Fountain, the Arco D Dinis and the Pelourinho. There are also several sources associated with legends, chapels, a historic area equipped with houses with coats of arms, typical streets, Misericórdia Church and Rossio square.
The Mother Church, dedicated to S. Bartolomeu, the Patron Saint, is Baroque, with a single and wide nave, and has an oil panel from the 17th century. XIX by the Vilaflorense painter Manuel de Moura.
A must visit is the Dr Berta Cabral Municipal Museum, located right in the heart of Vila Flor, in Solar dos Aguilares, a building whose original design dates back to the 17th century. XIII, was founded in 1957 by Vilaflorense Raúl de Sá Correia. There are several rooms that constitute it: Painting, Archaeology, Ethnography, African Crafts, Sacred Art, Numismatics and Medals. Also important is the Archive – “Pequena Torre do Tombo”.
The Swing of Senhora da Lapa located on the hill north of Vila Flor at 700 meters of altitude, provides a rare, vast and breathtaking landscape.

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