Artisans create prizes for Paddle Battle

Paddle Battle with prizes produced by artisans from Rota

Vila Flor hosted the 3rd edition of the Paddle Battle which took place on the river and on the slopes of Tua river, at Abreiro-Vieiro Station, in Vila Flor. The prizes given to the participants were produced by Bruno Pires, an artisan from Rota Saber Fazer, and delivered with a personalized textile bag by artisan Paula Martinho, who is also part of Rota Saber Fazer.

10 teams of two participated in the Paddle Battle, for those classified in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, artisan Bruno Pires created prizes that evoke the biodiversity of the Tua valley with the representation of its fauna and flora.

There was also a special prize for those who, during the journey, collected the most rubbish.

The prizes, along with some souvenirs, were distributed with a cloth bag personalized by artisan Paula Martinho with the Rota Saber Fazer logo.