Artisans create prizes for Paddle Battle

Paddle Battle with prizes produced by artisans from Rota

Vila Flor hosted the 3rd edition of the Paddle Battle which took place on the river and on the slopes of Tua river, at Abreiro-Vieiro Station, in Vila Flor. The prizes given to the participants were produced by Bruno Pires, an artisan from Rota Saber Fazer, and delivered with a personalized textile bag by artisan Paula Martinho, who is also part of Rota Saber Fazer.

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Nau, Nau Maria

Theater – Carrazeda de Ansiães

March 18

With the house under construction, the D. Maria II National Theater embarked on a National Odyssey that aims to take the National Theater to 90 municipalities across the country. On the 18th, he will be in Carrazeda de Ansiães with Nau Nau Maria, by Alice Azevedo, in the CITICA auditorium.

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Entrudo Chocalheiro

Carnival – Podence, Macedo de Cavaleiros

February 18th to 21st


The Entrudo Chocalheiro of Caretos de Podence has arrived.

With four days of intense activity, between Saturday the 18th and Tuesday the 21st of February, the Caretos de Podence promise revelry and shenanigans capable of attracting thousands of people from all sides, to Podence, in Macedo de Cavaleiros.

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