Nau, Nau Maria

Theater – Carrazeda de Ansiães

March 18

With the house under construction, the D. Maria II National Theater embarked on a National Odyssey that aims to take the National Theater to 90 municipalities across the country. On the 18th, he will be in Carrazeda de Ansiães with Nau Nau Maria, by Alice Azevedo, in the CITICA auditorium.

With a text by Alice Azevedo, Nau, Nau Maria is a didactic and pedagogical piece, but with satire and social criticism, which could happen so much in the 20th century. XV as in the century. XXI. That seeks to demystify the Age of Discoveries that so marked our history and teaching.

If you are in Terra Quente Trás-os-Montes visiting an artisan from the Saber Fazer Route or as part of a program we have for you. It has a cultural offer with the quality of Teatro Nacional D. Maria II for your Saturday night in Carrazeda de Ansiães.