Exhibition Portugal Valentine’s

Exhibition – Sambade/Alfândega da Fé

February 17th to March 10th

Let yourself fall in love with this creative exhibition inspired by the traditional Valentine’s handkerchiefs from Vila Verde (Minho).
To visit at CIT – Sambade/Alfândega da Fé from February 17th to March 10th.

The CIT space, in Sambade, Alfândega da Fé, hosts from February 17th to March 10th an exhibition of scarves dating from Portugal.

Namorar Portugal is the contemporary materialization of a charismatic icon of Portuguese handicraft: the Handkerchief of Love or Request.

Originating in the 18th century, the Handkerchiefs of Love are linen or cotton cloths, cheerfully embroidered, with floral motifs, love symbols (heart, flying birds, keys) and messages in quatrains in archaic Portuguese, not infrequently with spelling errors, evidencing the lack of schooling of the authors.

In this exhibition of the Dating Portugal Collection, you can share the magic of messages of Love and appreciate a varied universe of products that excel in creativity and innovation.