Entrudo Chocalheiro

Carnival – Podence, Macedo de Cavaleiros

February 18th to 21st


The Entrudo Chocalheiro of Caretos de Podence has arrived.

With four days of intense activity, between Saturday the 18th and Tuesday the 21st of February, the Caretos de Podence promise revelry and shenanigans capable of attracting thousands of people from all sides, to Podence, in Macedo de Cavaleiros.

In addition to the traditional streets with Caretos on the loose, which will move the streets of Podence over the course of these days, visitors can count on dozens of improvised taverns in the “lows” and “shops” of the village’s houses, where there will be no shortage of a glass of wine, a crust and the breadcrumbs to go with it. Over these 4 days the program offers very different activities from the presentation of a book, photography, hikes, cruises, mask workshops….

If you visit Terra Quente Transmontana during this period, don’t forget to visit the artisans of Rota Saber Fazer and our catering and accommodation partners.