Saber Fazer Route, at BTL

BTL, Lisbon

01 at 05 of march


The Bolsa Turismo Lisboa, the largest tourism fair in Portugal, will take place between March 1 and 5, 2023 and will have, on the 1st, the presence of Rota Saber Fazer, at the CIM Terras de Trás os Montes, pavilion .

The municipality of Vila Flor, one of the 9 municipalities that make up the CIM Terras de Trás os Montes, took the Saber Fazer Route to BTL 2023. With the participation of two of the artisans: Paula Martinho, creator of rag dolls and Bruno Pires who makes crafts with raffia. The latter set up a workshop in the CIM TTM pavilion, allowing visitors to have contact with the craftsman, as is intended with the tourist offers promoted by Rota Saber Fazer.
In addition to the two craftsmen, the municipality of Vila Flor took a folkloric group and the Samões theater group to BTL, a commitment to the cultural identity of the municipality that is now celebrating the almond trees in bloom, with various activities running until March 12 .