Dan’s Revival

Music – 28 Feb 23

The brothers, Tiago and Pedro Esteves, make up the duo Dan’s Revival, formed 8 years ago. With a sound that seeks inspirations that refer to the 50s mixed with heavier and faster sounds of current rock, the band from Mirandelen has, to date, three key projects. In 2016 the band released, for the first time, an EP recorded in the studio, called The Gambler.

In 2019 comes the first album, Back on Track, recorded by Bruno Barroso in a single live session whose lineup consists of songs, which were yet to be released, from the first five years of the band. In 2022, the most irreverent project so far emerged. In March, the band transformed a workshop into a makeshift studio and recorded, in a DIY way, the singles One In a Million and Milk & Honey. In addition to the lo-fi recordings of the singles, Dan’s revival edited a documentary “735” that portrayed the remodeling of the workshop, the recording process and the frustrations of spending seven hundred and thirty-five days with the band in “layoff”.

The documentary had two exhibition sessions in the first half of the year, at the Oliveira e do Azeite Museum, in Mirandela, and at Teatro Experimental Flaviense, in Chaves. The year 2023 comes with good news and the band appears again with the momentum of 2019. Now, more mature and experienced, they project the new album that will be released this year.

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